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Looking for a Wedding Photographer in Vancouver? There is finally an easy way to do it right!

Updated: May 17, 2022

There is no shortage of photographers out there. However, if you're looking for a wedding photographer in Vancouver you will want to hire someone who is experienced and has a good reputation. Here are some ways to make sure you get the best photographer for your wedding day. You'll want to set aside some time for this!

1) Check their website. If they don't have an online presence, then it's safe to say that they don't have any experience or are not ready to start taking on clients yet.

2) Look at the pictures on their Instagram account. Hopefully some of their feed is their wedding portfolio. This can give you an idea of what kinds of pictures they would take for your special day.

3) Then head over to google to search for reviews online (if they have any) and see how many people have hired them for their special day or event.

4.) Repeat with every photographer you come across.

OR scrap all those steps and use Booking A-List ( the online market place where you can compare, chat and book hundreds of wedding services providers all in one place.

A-List is an online marketplace designed to help couples find the best vendors for their event. Simply browse through the profiles of thousands of freelancers, compare prices and chat with them directly on the site before deciding which ones you'll choose. It's easy breezy!

What to look for in a wedding photographer

Finding the perfect wedding photographer can be a tough task, but luckily A-List has you covered. Aside from finding a photographer that's within your budget, there are many other qualities you should look for in a wedding photographer.

Some considerations to keep in mind include:

1.) The style of photography they specialize in – Some photographers do a lot of formal shots, while others will focus on capturing candid moments throughout the day.

2.) The number of years they've been photographing weddings – Wedding photography is not an easy job and it's important that you find someone who knows what they're doing.

3.) Whether they're willing to travel for your event – Remember, this is your dream day! You want to be able to find the best vendors possible no matter where they live.

4.) What type of equipment they use – Most photographers will bring their own camera and other equipment with them. But if you prefer something different, make sure to let them know so they can provide all the necessary equipment for your perfect day.

How to find the best photographer: Using Booking A-list

The first step is to know what you need. Do you want a professional photographer who will capture the event as it happens? Or do you want someone to take posed shots beforehand so that your guests can enjoy themselves during the event without being photographed?

A-List's robust profiles can help you find exactly what you're looking for. All of our photographers showcase their portfolios and pricing options, so all you have to do is scroll through and find which one meets your needs and budget.

When browsing through profiles, keep in mind that not all photographers offer the same services. Your wedding day should be perfect, so make sure to choose a photographer who has the right skillset for capturing your big day!

The importance of reviews

Reviews are important for all types of

business, but especially so for wedding vendors. There are so many choices out there, it can be difficult to decide what to do with your wedding photography, makeup artist or other vendors. Reviews help couples understand the quality of service they can expect from their vendors so they can have peace of mind that they're working with someone reputable.

You'll often see reviews on websites like Yelp, or google. in addition to having to go hunting for these reviews, there is no way to know if all these reviews are written by past clients first hand. With A-List the reviews are written by past clients who have booked through the website. Just like Airbnb the review process is apart of the booking and payment platform. Only clients who experienced the vendor's work firsthand can write a review, which makes it a trustworthy place to turn to when looking for wedding vendors in Vancouver. Not only will you find reviews on the sites, but if you head over to our community Page (, you'll also find helpful tips and information in our blogs and forums to help with any questions you might have. If you're still feeling unsure about how to choose a vendor, reach out to one of our community groups that are filled with pros from the creative community ready to offer up advice!

How to book a wedding photographer.

Finding the perfect wedding photographer can be difficult. There are so many different styles of photography available, it can be hard to find the one that will work for you and your budget.

A-List is a platform designed to help couples find professional photographers and other vendors that specialize in weddings. Here's how it works:

1) Browse and filter and compare through hundreds of profiles to find the perfect vendor for you.

2) Chat with freelancers before booking one!

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